John Hebert (keyboards) and Glenn Lebeau (lead vocals) spent the late 90s on Bourbon Street and elsewhere rocking the crowds with current and classic hits. After some time pursuing separate projects, Hebert and Lebeau returned to the stage together in 2011 for what was supposed to be just a few shows. After these few shows were over, the two decided they belonged on stage together again. Following a vision to entertain weddings, casinos, and festivals, they began recruiting the best talent in the region.

Nicole Miranda brings a sweet blend of Rock n Roll and New Orleans soul to compliment Glenn on the Lead vocals. Ryan Williams holds the band together on bass along with Seth Legendre on drums. Rounding out the group is Mario Valero on guitar. Whether its a soulful melody or one of his signature blazing leads, you will fall in love with him time and time again.

After the right mix of talent, energy, and personalities came together, the Pick 6 band was born. Whether you're planning a corporate party, a wedding, a festival, or just need a fun band for your event, you can count on Pick 6.

Current members include:

  • Glenn Lebeau...Lead Vocals                                                                
  • Nicole Miranda...Lead Vocals
  • John Hebert...Keyboards and Guitar                                             
  • Ryan Williams...Bass
  • Seth Legendre...Drums
  • Mario Valero...Guitars


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